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Holiday Hair How-To’s

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Article featured in The Comfort News, Volume 108, No. 48

Thursday, November 29, 2012, Comfort, TX

By Scott Faber

My grandmother would take a comb and “rat tease” her hair for time on end to get her hair as high as she could. The saying is the higher your hair the closer to God you are. Now, that may be true but there are ways of creating a look that is soft and easy and will have heads turning your way in admiration.

If you have long hair, brush your hair into a low side ponytail and secure it with a band that will not break your hair. You can curl the ends or leave them free and soft.

If you want it curled take smaller sections at a time and twirl them around your fingers and secure into the pony-tail with a bobby pin. Keep this process going until you curled all of your hair. You will have a hair style that is a soft side French “chignon du cou” which means nape of the neck. If you need help achieving this style please call me, will be happy to assist or you can go online and type in Chignon and there are several How-To create sites with pictures and tutorials that will help immensely.

If you chose to keep the hair loose twirl the whole pony-tail in your hands until the hair starts to form a knot around the band. Secure it with several bobby pins so you have a low smooth chignon.

Curly hair is always best when left curly. Just take sections and twirl them softly away from your face and secure each section with a bobby pin. Continue this procedure until all of the hair has been pinned. The outcome should have a soft look going away from your face. You could leave a few curls coming down around your face for a softer look if you prefer.

The high pony-tail is the best dramatic look for the holidays. All it takes is longer hair and a really soft bristle brush. Brush away and up from your face keeping the hair taught in your hands. Wrap the pony holder around the base of your head and slightly stretch the hair apart to tighten the tail.

If you want a little more glamour take the existing hair from the tail and twist it until it starts to wrap around your pony-tail. Secure it with bobby pins and add some hair sticks or a simple magnolia or gardenia flower to dress up your style.

Hot rollers are also a great way to change your every day look for a special event. Place the rollers vertically around your head and secure neatly. Only leave the rollers in for a few moments so you don’t look like Shirley Temple. Take the rollers out and hang your head upside down and softly use your fingers to loosen up the curls. This leaves your hair wavy and you can pull it to one side and secure with combs for a one sided sweep effect.

In case of a special event always practice before the big night so you don’t get frustrated or disappointed. Have fun and take time for yourself. It is nice if you want to change your look once and a while. It is always great to feel good about yourself and good about your hair especially during the holidays.

Call Scott for more information on holiday hair or make an appointment if you like at (830) 995-5965 or at (713) 471-6957. To reach him via the web contact him at sfaber@swbell.‚Äčnet. Scott Faber is the owner of Scott & Co. in Comfort, Texas.