Hill Country CARES Women 2 Women fundraiser set for April 28

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The Comfort News, Volume 112, No. 16, Thursday, April 21, 2016

By D. H Foreman

Hill Country CARES is excited about their annual fundraiser, Women 2 Women.  This year’s event is on April 28 from 6 to 9 p.m. at the Floyd and Kathleen Cailloux Activity Center on the campus of Schreiner University.

It will feature a champagne reception, gourmet dinner with wine, both silent and live auctions and all the rejuvenation you’ve come to expect from this essential fundraising event.

Monies raised go directly to programs that help survivors of abuse recover and move forward with their lives.

The Kids’ Advocacy Place Program is just one of the programs that the funds sustain. The child-friendly Place helps coordinate the investigations, interventions and treatment in child abuse cases. It has also been instrumental in promoting community awareness and education about child abuse and its prevention.

Hill Country CARES programs confront the trauma that devastates abused children.

When it occurs, it can be largely unseen and yet, still bring crippling and contagious damage. Trauma attacks individuals at the core, causing changes in brain chemistry that impact functioning, mental health, productivity at work, at home and in relationships.

Trauma of this sort effects children and adults inwardly and outwardly.

External Effects

Trauma costs billions of dollars in lost work productivity every year.  Chaotic, abusive home lives disrupt children’s learning and can lead to violence in our schools.

Hospitals and mental health systems are impacted by complex cases of abuse with many treatment requirements. Abuse cases clog courts, jails and prisons.

Internal effects

An abusive family raises children in an environment of social and violent dysfunction. Victims sustain emotional suffering that leads to chronic depression and at times, even suicide.

All of this creates individuals who find it difficult to enter or manage healthy personal lives or relationships.


As a community and a society if we provide abuse recognition and prevention programs in area schools we move one step closer to preventing our children from becoming the next generation of abusers and victims.

Hill Country CARES provides emergency shelter, a safe place for victims of domestic and sexual violence, a 24-hour hotline, court and hospital accompaniment, counseling and support, legal advocacy and information and referrals to available community resources.

All services to victims and their children are free of charge.

Your Contribution

Because you care about children victimized by child abuse and neglect, about families in crisis, about children and families on the streets, about rape victims and the safety of your community, your donations and support of Hill Country CARES annual Women 2 Women fundraiser will help make all the difference.

There is still time to become a sponsor or to buy a ticket to the fundraiser. For more information call (830} 257-7088 ext. 25 or email Suzanne at suzanne@hccares.com.