Scott Faber, on the right, and his partner Kristofer Herbeck 
are shown celebrating the holidays. Faber is leaving his 
Houston business after 13 years and permanently relocating 
to Comfort. (Courtesy photo)

He’s Coming Home to Comfort for Good This Holiday Season

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The Comfort News, Volume 111, No. 52, Thursday, December 24, 2015

After 30 years of hairdressing and owning a salon in Houston for 13 years Scott Faber of Scott & Co. in Comfort has permanently come home. When Faber was asked about this significant change he shared this.

“I’ve enjoyed a great friendship with Ed and Joey Story spanning over 25 years and while visiting them in Comfort we became very fond of our time in the Hill Country. I’d done two of their daughter’s weddings; one in a barn and the other on their home property in Center Point. With their business partner Bobby Dent they had restored a house in Center Point and we had mentioned a get-away for the weekends. They invited us to come up for lunch and to bring our dogs. We drove from Houston on a Sunday, had lunch in. their home and took a tour of a house in Center Point. When we walked in, we fell in love with the house. As I spent more time in the Hill Country I wanted to move away from Houston and start a business in Comfort.”

So in 2010 Faber signed a lease with Fritzi and Jules Dupuy for a weekend salon in Comfort. After one year he resigned a new lease. One afternoon Fritzi stopped in to the salon and said, ‘I didn’t think you were going to make it but, you did’. Faber shared that it was the help of the Comfort community and surrounding areas that enabled them to surpass their dreams of a successful salon.

“I signed over my part of the Houston salon to Traci Duff, my business partner, so I could create a clientele in Comfort five years ago. She had been my intern 21 years ago. We worked together off and on and came together to form Traci-Scott Salon 13 years ago in Houston.”

Five years have come and gone and Scott is now able to be here full time. He can’t wait to see what they can accomplish. He attributes much of this success to the community here with the most incredible way of advertising, ‘word of mouth’. His experience so far ranges from clients who only came once and clients that are still with him from day one.

“I couldn’t have done it without each one of them.” I’ve always believed in helping my neighbors so after finishing each client I encourage them to visit the local shops just a block or two away. There are so many wonderful shops in Comfort that I simply encourage my clients to leave their cars parked in front of the salon and take a stroll about.” Faber has been involved in The Hill Country Cares organization and will be acting Vice President of their board starting in 2016.

He is happy to report that their yoga classes have increased and the personal training side of the business continues to grow with the help of his partner Kristofer Herbeck. Debbie Hidalgo joined them almost a year and a half ago and continues to be incredibly supportive and contributes immensely to the success of the salon. As a team, they plan on continuing to bring Comfort the latest in style and customer service. In the future, more days’ working in the salon, Friday night Yoga/Wine in 2016 and they will continue to support Comfort.

“Waking up in the morning knowing I don’t have to drive back to Houston each weekend has been such a blessing. What a way to go to work looking forward to seeing everyone in town and sometimes dropping by just to say ‘Hello’. There’s a wonderful saying, “Home is where the heart is. We found our home and heart, here in Comfort.”