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Scott Faber

Owner: Scott & Co.
Stylist/Colorist/Yoga Instructor

When clients learn that I've been in the beauty industry for more than 24 years, they sometimes ask if I am bored yet....I always respond "Never"!

Educating and motivating the people I care about has always been incredibly important to me, and I look forward to sharing this experience with our clientele. The hair-style is something a client has to be able to reproduce themselves. It can look great when they leave the salon...but what happens the next day? Our clients are crucial to our success, and I try to teach each person how to replicate what we do in the salon. It's not only about what the latest starlet is wearing in Hollywood, it's about what works best with a client's facial structure, hair type, and daily time limits for getting ready every morning.

My clients have become my friends over the years and my time is dedicated to each client during their scheduled appointments with me. One client at a time is how I believe we can give the best service available to our clients. Each haircut and hair color is tailored to my clients specific needs and enhances their inner beauty as well as their outer beauty. Listening to the client is one of the most important qualities I share with our team.

I've had the opportunity to appear on local television stations as well as in an infomercial here Houston, and while I think it's great for stylist to cultivate P.R. about themselves and their salons, I believe the best P.R. you can have are your clients. Word of the mouth is the most valuable advertising a stylist can have. Each day brings something new and special with each client that returns to our salon. So how could I ever be bored?...

In 2007 I was diagnosed with coronary heart disease and had a quadruple by-pass, which then lead to stints to my kidneys and an incisional hernia operation. I have worked out, taught yoga and eaten properly for most of my life, but the family tree is what brought this upon me. We purchased a home in Center Point in 2009 and fell in love with the people and grew closer to our friends that live in the area. An opportunity came upon us to open a weekend salon while still working in Houston during the week. This opportunity has allowed me to recapture my passion for doing hair and creating an environment for my clients that is so very important to me. Not only will I be doing hair in Comfort, but I will begin teaching Yoga in the near future to reclaim a sense of peace in my life and share it with my clients.

We look forward to sharing our journey with everyone in Comfort and the surrounding areas as we grow Scott & Co. through the coming years.

Debbie Hidalgo

Debbie Hidalgo2015

I've been a hair stylist in the Texas Hill Country for over 30 years.  The beginning of my career I worked in areas such as Fredericksburg, Boerne and Kerrville; but home is where the heart is, so over 13 years ago I decided to come back to my home town of Comfort.

I take as much continuing education as possible so I am up on the latest styles and techniques to offer my clients and I'm also open to as much feedback as I can get from my clients and fellow stylists.

The friendships that I develop with my clients is very special to me.  I always enjoy running into them at the local stores and events in town.  There is no place like home and no home like Comfort.

Kris Herbeck

Owner: Body by Kris Fitness
Personal Fitness Trainer/Yoga Instructor/Group Fitness Instructor
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I’ve been a fan of fitness long before I started training and I always had plenty of books to study the right way to work out.  And I have always enjoyed transferring what I’ve learned to others which is why I love my job.

After 20+ years in the corporate world specializing in Human Resources Management Development, I decided to take my passion for teaching people and my passion for fitness and bring them together into a business by creating Body by Kris.

Just like most people, I have had my ups and down’s with my weight and had times in my life where I could not get motivated to stick to a fitness plan.  So, I know what you are going through and can appreciate where you are coming from.

My favorite places to workout have always been the neighborhood gym where you go and know everybody.  It always makes going to the gym a little easier when you can look forward to socializing with your friends.  And that is what I want at Body by Kris.  I want everyone to enjoy coming to workout.  I’m not a Drill Sargent and you won’t see me yelling and intimidating people.  My method is to give you a challenge and advise you on proper form along with positive reinforcement.  No one should feel intimidated to go to the gym and you will always feel welcome at Body by Kris.  We’ve all had to start somewhere and you’d be surprised at how supportive the other members can be.  So come on in and give it a try.  You’re welcome here.