Customer Testimonials

Kristin S.
23:40 h
Scott rescued my hair! I love my hair. Such talent and quality. Thank you for the laughter and amazing hair!

Pam Mello
03:31 h
Having hair done by Scott is more than a hair appointment it's an experience. Love the friendship, laughter and let's not forget FABULOUS hair! Can't thank you enough for all the above.

XO-Pam Mello

Megan Russ
13:06 h
Scott, I love every time I get to come for a visit! It's a treat to have my hair styled by you. It's so nice to have found such a fantastic hair professional & friend!

Patricia Westbrook
17:07 h
Scott has used his magic making me look presentable for more than 10 years. He is a very talented and recently helped me transition from short to long locks. This can be very difficult, but Scott got me through it! Love ya' So glad you came to Comfort. Now I don't have to make the drive to Houston anymore.
Your pal in Boerne, TX - Patricia

Karen Solano
19:38 h
Though I have yet to visit Scott's salon in Comfort, I have been a client of his in the Houston area for over 17 years. Scott is the best..he is a genuine, caring, hairstylist, who does what is best for his clients at all times. To me, you can't put a price tag on this. I relocated with my husband and two children, to the Louisiana area two years ago, and I still plan my haircuts with Scott, when I come to Houston to visit. I just can't fathom, going to another hairstylist, when I have built such a great relationship with him. As the previous person wrote, I am sure he and his staff will be a delightful addition to your community! Scott, I just might have to visit you in Comfort, the next time I'm in Texas. Best of Luck!

Karla Beehler
18:42 h
I have been a client and friend of Scott for 20+ years in Houston and I must say I am envious of the Salon in Comfort..what excellent character and charm your town has to offer. Scott must be a wonderful addition to that charm.
Emily McRae
23:11 h
Scott...Thank you SO much for the unbelievable color! You are really amazing! The perfect blend of knowledge and fun. I'm looking forward to our next visit. :)

Vanida Somers
16:15 h
I was there for the Christmas in Comfort Grand Opening. It was amazing. The space was so cute. I was there to introduce my Mineral Make-up line. The response was so welcoming.I look forward to coming back and show my latest fab finds !!

Linda Condon
22:00 h
I have to say that I have not been to Scott & Co yet. However, I have been a client of Scott's for a long time here in Houston. (over ten years) and he is just the best. I get many compliments on my cut and color. I was just in Philadelphia last week visiting my oldest daughter, Kelly. I went with her to Adolph Beiker Salon where she has been going for 6 years. It is one of the best in Philadelphia. The manager came over to me and complimented me on my cut and color before he knew that I was Kelly's Mom. I will be using Scott when we retire to the hill country where we have a home, if not before. He is one of the most genuine, authentic, caring people in my life.

Linda Condon

Emily Russ
09:57 h
You are marvelous! You made me look and feel like a million bucks! Your knowledge was wonderful and I loved that you not only took such great care oft hair but taught me how to take care and repair it at home! Scott you are so talented and so much fun to be around! You have won me over;) can't wait til our next visit!

Karen Letz
11:09 h
Scott, thanks a MILLION for helping me look more lovely! I've had so many compliments since you started cutting & coloring my hair. So many people ask where they need to go so I hope they ALL come your way. I had one lady tell me how much more "youthful" I look. A nice compliment, especially when I'm in my early 50's!!!

Thanks again. Love ya. Karen