At Home Aromatherapy Remedies

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by Scott Faber
Article featured in The Boerne Star, Tuesday, September 18, 2012, Boerne, TX

Even if you don’t have time to go to a salon there are some remedies for your hair that can be achieved at home.  After the summer is over your hair has been put through a lot with the damage of the sun which tends to dry it out and bleach out your color.

At almost any grocery store or health food store essential oils can be found to help you on your way to healthier hair.

  1. By adding a few drops to your shampoo or conditioner, or blending a few drops in a hot oil treatment your hair will regain its luster and condition. This is not your ordinary VO5 treatment. The oil treatments can be blended with olive oil or castor oil to act as a catalyst to allow the oils to penetrate into your hair follicle.
  2. Wrapping a hot wet towel around your hair afterwards allows the oil to penetrate into the hair.
  3. Then lightly shampoo your hair and condition and let your hair have a break from the blow-dryer that day.

Choosing the right oil is essential for all treatments. Lemongrass works best for people with dry scalp and oily hair. Most people over shampoo their hair which results in dry scalp and fights back by over producing oil. Lavender moisturizes the scalp, and helps cleanse and tone your pores. Rosemary has the same moisturizing properties as Lavender but, is usually best for dark hair or brunette’s with a little grey.

Adding a few drops to your hairbrush at night and brushing through to the ends has wonderful moisturizing capabilities as well. Sandalwood is effective on mature skin and dry scalp. It is best for people who have eczema and oily complexions.

In salon services provide a different experience. We start out with customizing a blend best suited for your hair and massage the oils into your scalp while also providing a neck and shoulder massage. Steaming hot towels are then wrapped around your head several times to allow the oil to do it’s work. The treatment lasts about 15 minutes and the cost is $30.​00.​Scott&Co will start providing these services in the early fall.

Plan ahead and book your appointment by calling 830- 995-5965 and check out our website at www.​scottcohair.​com.